BLOG × Do you also buy stuff online when you are sick? To cheer yourself up and feel a tiny bit better for lying on the couch all day? Last week I was battling the flu and found myself browsing through webshops. This time I wanted to treat myself to something that would enhance my…


NEW WORK × Some time again to stamp something! These cat and bunny faces are made out of different stamp blocks so there is endless fun in making different faces.


CUSTOM WORK × Shirley and her family are moving house soon. She already had a stamp portrait of herself and her cat Olli and now ordered a stamp portrait of her boyfriend and newest cat family member Wall-E also. She ordered the Moving House Stamp kit and will stamp her own cards at home.


NEW WORK × In  November we’ve moved house. For the new house I wanted a new calendar, but I couldn’t find one that I liked. So… I started on making a cat  calendar myself! The test prints are made. Every month has it’s own cat on it. And the  last thing that I have to…


CUSTOM WORK ×  In Maastricht there will be opening a new plant shop soon! 🌱 The shop is getting a monstera plant as a logo and the owners asked me to make a custom stamp for them. If you live close to Maastricht: check their page to see when they open and can visit the jungle…


NEW WORK × I’ve always wanted to make a card game completely by hand. I started with the two kings and two queens. Loved making these! Let’s see if I can finish a whole deck in the future.


CUSTOM WORK × Marres Kitchen is a restaurant in the city center of Maastricht. It’s a part of the museum Marres and you can drink and eat after your museum visit or when you are in the mood for good food. They specialised in authentic mediterranean food. For the owner I made a stamp of…


CUSTOM WORK × Two giraffe prints I made for a customer. I had total freedom to make whatever I wanted with the theme giraffe. A very challenging project with text and a lot of black which is tricky to print. Because I knew the customer also likes cycling I combined the two into something funny!


BLOG × I did a theme print exchange again. The theme this time was ‘tiger with text’. This print went to @gelerli! Did you know the worldwide population of tigers is only 3890? They are endangered because of hunting. This tiger is taking matters into his own hands 😉