Want a Studio Malu print or stamp for yourself?

Put my hands to work and order one of the below items or let me make you something unique and one of a kind!

I can make almost everything into a stamp. If you have an illustration that you want to turn into a stamp, or want a portrait of someone or your house pet… I can probably make it!

I have several stamp kits for you that you can use to stamp yourself at home. Choose one of them below and start stamping!

The Letter Writing kit: portrait stamp, name stamp, initials stamp, stamp of choice with theme postal
The Birthday kit: portrait of the birthday girl/boy, name stamp, medal, personal birthday card
The Wedding kit: initials stamp, stamp for your thank you notes, portrait stamp, symbol of choice stamp
The Birth kit: name stamp of the (to be born) baby, illustration that fits the baby, closure sticker for on envelopes

I love to make cards. You can order any card you see on the website. And you can always order a custom card: birthday cards, wedding announcements, party invitations, birth announcements, moving house cards, Christmas cards. You can order just 1 cards, or 100… it’s up to you!

I can make you prints from A6 to A3. I also print custom calendars, stickers and mugs.

Do you have other cool ideas? Just write me a message and I will see what I can do for you.



You can write me a message to contact me or to order something. If you want to order, we will talk about your wishes and I can send you a quotation. Fill in the contact form here.