CUSTOM WORK × I got a really fun commission from Brittney! Brittney and her husband are expecting their first child and asked me to make stamps for the birth card. Their wish was three sock monkeys that resemble their new family. How cute! Six stamps in total were made. Three with the outline and three for the…


CUSTOM WORK × Shirley and her family are moving house soon. She already had a stamp portrait of herself and her cat Olli and now ordered a stamp portrait of her boyfriend and newest cat family member Wall-E also. She ordered the Moving House Stamp kit and will stamp her own cards at home.


CUSTOM WORK ×  In Maastricht there will be opening a new plant shop soon! 🌱 The shop is getting a monstera plant as a logo and the owners asked me to make a custom stamp for them. If you live close to Maastricht: check their page to see when they open and can visit the jungle…


CUSTOM WORK × Marres Kitchen is a restaurant in the city center of Maastricht. It’s a part of the museum Marres and you can drink and eat after your museum visit or when you are in the mood for good food. They specialised in authentic mediterranean food. For the owner I made a stamp of…


CUSTOM WORK × Two giraffe prints I made for a customer. I had total freedom to make whatever I wanted with the theme giraffe. A very challenging project with text and a lot of black which is tricky to print. Because I knew the customer also likes cycling I combined the two into something funny!


CUSTOM WORK × Today’s fun! Made two stamp portraits for Marlous. Haven’t made a portrait in quite a while and realised again how much fun it is!


CUSTOM WORK × This is the lighthouse of Breskens, Zeeland. Made for @ageofthesword.


CUSTOM WORK × Card for a new born. Mama bear and baby bear.