BLOG × Lisa Congdons book has been on my ‘creative to-read’ list for a while. So I couldn’t wait to start reading it when I ordered it. If you are an artist occasionally creating things from your dinnertable or an artist with a studio creating things on a daily basis, this book has some great…


NEW WORK × The woowoow doggy is now available as at-shirt! T-shirts are all handprinted and available in sizes S, M, L for €25 including shipping worldwide. Let me know if you would like to order one!


GIVEAWAY × I’ve recently reached 2500+ followers on Instagram! A special thank you today to everyone who has been following me for a while and to all the new followers! I want to celebrate all you 2500+ followers, so I’m doing a giveaway again. By signing up to my newsletter you can win three prints…


BLOG × Today I’ve watched the documentary The Creative Brain. A very interesting insight in what creativity is and how you can be more creative, told by neuroscientist David Eaglemen. You can watch it on Netflix.


BLOG × Getting inspired is essential for me to make art. But where does it come from? Listening to music is my main source of inspiration. As soon as I hear music I like I’m transported into my own world. I get into a flow and can focus on creating. Go for a walk in…


BLOG × I’ve added a ‘send a card service’ to the website! This service lets you select a handmade card (premade or custom designed for you). I will add your personal handwritten message on it. And I will also mail it for you! Easy peasy.


BLOG × Drawing in a sketchbook has always been hard for me. Or maybe more for my perfectionism. Being a perfectionist can paralyze you to the point of not starting anything at all. Over the years I’ve been working on it and letting go of my idea of perfect. Instead I focus on just having…


NEW WORK × If the sun would have a face it would be one of these. I imagine her always smiling!


BLOG × It’s good to reflect on your own work from time to time. And it feels great to see the progress you’ve made. That’s why I wanted to compare my old work with my newer work. Check it out  below. One of the first portrait stamps I ever made is this one of Malu….