printmaker & illustrator

I fell in love with printmaking at art school, but started making prints for myself a lot later, in 2014. You could say I’m a self taught printmaker. Every minute that I’m not working at my dayjob I spend in my studio drawing, carving and printing. Because that’s what I love most in life, creating things.

When I’m not working in my studio I like to get some quiet time to read books or get together with friends (to have a drawing evening). I also enjoy meditating and walks in nature a lot. On my hikes I always bring my camera with macro lens, to take pictures of all the beautiful details in nature we can’t see with our bare eyes.

I dream of designing my own (childrens) books, owning my own vintage printing press, printing my own fabrics, designing plush toys and hanging in a gallery as the main artist.

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