If you are subscribed to the STUDIO MALU newsletter you’ve heard the news already… The spring sale is here! Here you can see what items are on sale now:

On all the cards in the following series you get a 5 for the price of 3 discount: animals, fruits & vegetables. For 5 cards you normally pay €12,50, with the discount just €7,50! This includes shipping worldwide.

On all the bird prints you get a euro off: they are normally €3, with the discount €2!

You can see all the cards here.

Would you like to have me carve you a custom card? That’s also possible. A custom A6 card (a personal print of your choice that will only be printed one time) is €5. If you order between the 1st of June and the latest on June 10th, you pay €4!

It is also possible to get your personal pet portrait with a discount! Normally a portrait of your pet is €15, with the spring sale you get it for €10. This also includes shipping worldwide.

READY TO ORDER? Order before June 10th to get the discount!


printmaker & illustrator

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