BLOG × Getting inspired is essential for me to make art. But where does it come from?

Listening to music is my main source of inspiration. As soon as I hear music I like I’m transported into my own world. I get into a flow and can focus on creating.

Go for a walk in nature is my favorite source of inspiration. Nothing beats a walk to soak up fresh air. I enjoy walking a lot and it doesn’t matter if it’s foggy, sunny or gloomy outside. Everything has it’s charm. Sometimes I meditate while walking, sometimes I listen to music. I always come home refreshed. Walking gives my brain the space and time to collect the thoughts and images that have been roaming around in there. When I arrive in my studio it feels like I organised all these things and I’m ready to make something out of it.

Writing in my journal
helps to get all of the things in my mind on paper. On the days that it’s hard to start it’s needed to dump everything into my journal so that my brain is empty and fresh again. For creating I need room in my head! If it’s too clouded I often feel stuck an uninspired.

Daydreaming helps me a lot! I absolutely love long bus or trainrides to let my mind wonder.

Going on a trip or holiday has the most impact on finding new inspiration. I love traveling and seeing buildings that I normally don’t see, have experiences that I can’t have at home. Soak up new culutures, people, food.

Go to a museum to get inspired by other artists. I love looking at art and find out how other artists create, get inspired or go through their own process.

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