NEW WORK × I worked on a series of cats and made them into cards. Want to meet them all?

Hey it’s Bob! Bob loves naps. When he’s not napping he spends his time in alleys. You’ll find him upside down in trash cans a lot looking for food.

Meet “happy-go” Lucky. She’s always in a good mood and has a lot of friends.

This is Billy. Billy visits different butchers everyday to trick them into giving him meat, pretending it’s his birthday. Sometimes he gets something. I think it’s because of the hat.

Meet Zip. Zip is tougher than most cats. He spends a lot of time at the docks scaring off seagulls and stealing their fish.

This is Bindi. Bindi loves yoga and spends a lot of time meditating in the sun. She’s never in a bad mood.

Meet Sput. Sput loves books and random facts. One thing you need to know about him; he is always right!

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