WORK × Working on A4 sized poster prints. The first one of a finch family portrait. And there are more to come! Want to treat yourself to a bird poster? Send me a message to order! They are €30 incl shipping worldwide. Handcarved and handprinted so every print is unique!


If you are subscribed to the STUDIO MALU newsletter you’ve heard the news already… The spring sale is here! Here you can see what items are on sale now: CARDSOn all the cards in the following series you get a 5 for the price of 3 discount: animals, fruits & vegetables. For 5 cards you…


NEW WORK × The woowoow doggy is now available as at-shirt! T-shirts are all handprinted and available in sizes S, M, L for €25 including shipping worldwide. Let me know if you would like to order one!


GIVEAWAY × I’ve recently reached 2500+ followers on Instagram! A special thank you today to everyone who has been following me for a while and to all the new followers! I want to celebrate all you 2500+ followers, so I’m doing a giveaway again. By signing up to my newsletter you can win three prints…


NEW WORK × I’ve started a new series lately: birds! Here are the first few birds I’ve printed. There are a lot more to come. Not sure what I will do with these birds once their finished. Print them on mugs or print a wole book… I will keep you updated!


BLOG × During my morning walk today I saw a lot of birds. Swallows were flying up to their nests in the nooks of roofs, ducks were diving under water. It gave me inspiration to start my new series: birds! Ever wanted to see how I make these multi colored stamps? Here a picture to…


BLOG × Today I’ve watched the documentary The Creative Brain. A very interesting insight in what creativity is and how you can be more creative, told by neuroscientist David Eaglemen. You can watch it on Netflix.


BLOG × Getting inspired is essential for me to make art. But where does it come from? Listening to music is my main source of inspiration. As soon as I hear music I like I’m transported into my own world. I get into a flow and can focus on creating. Go for a walk in…


NEW WORK × I’m working on a new series of cards! Have you ever heard a kid that just started talking use the cutest words ever? This new series is inspired by these words. Words like stwabewwy, bananana, gwape. And the cuteness of it 😀


BLOG × I’ve added a ‘send a card service’ to the website! This service lets you select a handmade card (premade or custom designed for you). I will add your personal handwritten message on it. And I will also mail it for you! Easy peasy.